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Art. Arsenalnaya metro station, ul. Lewandovskaya, 3a

Consulting Center
+38 (099) 178 29 99

About centre

The main advantages of our consulting centre:


1. Convenient location:

The centre is located in the heart of Pechersk with convenient transport logistics about 5 minutes by walk from metro station Arsenalnaya. The address is Levandovskaya str., 3 a

2. New comfortable rooms:

There are seven spacious, bright and warm rooms freshly repaired with new ergonomic furniture prepossessing to relax and immersion into a analytic space.

3. Certified specialists only

Only the following specialists are allowed to psychoanalytic practice:

  1. with completed high psychological education;
  2. those who passed 100 hours and more of personal didactic (training) analysis;
  3. those who regularly supervise their clinical practice;

These demands are intended to protect in the first place the specialist from professional burnout (sooner or later everyone who works with people faces this problem) and secondly to save client who asked for help from projections of unsolved specialist’s personal problems to therapeutic situation.


4. Accessibility of psychological help:

If you need a psychological help but at the moment you can’t effort it, there is a possibility to get necessary consultations within our social project.

Social project

UPU organization created for Ukrainian population “Social project” that is approach those who find themselves in a difficult situation and can’t afford more experienced specialist but realize that he/she is on the edge, desperate or just in need of support.


Specialists who start their practice but fully correspond to professional psychoanalyst’s training (high psychoanalytical education, 100 hours and more of personal didactic psychoanalysis and obligatory supervision of cases) are involved in it.

Social project consists of 10 sessions 100 hryvnias each, after the price is discussed individually based on possibilities of the person who applied for help.

Social project includes work with children, teenagers, family consulting, individual consulting.

Psychological help to couples, teenagers, children, women, men +38(097)751- 32- 82,  +38 (099) 178 - 2 - 999(calls, sms, viber)


5. Possibility to get a free consultations of our specialists:

If you think too long before deciding to ask for a professional help and then meticulously choosing the necessary professional and still you are not sure about it, we will make it easier for you. Highly qualified specialists of our centre will carry out a series of consultations within our social project for you to understand how comfortable to work with one or another person and what kind of positive dynamics you may expect from the therapy.


There are 7 rooms in the Consulting centre UPU


For more detailed information please contact us +38(097)751- 32- 82,  +38 (099) 178 - 2 - 999