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Individual psychotherapy


About service

Individual psychotherapy is a process between client and his therapist. It’s the most effective path to achieve desirable and complete client’s quire. Therapist and analysant form trustworthy communication in order to reveal hidden maters easier. Individual therapy helps overcome personal loss, get rid of self hate and fix family communication. 

Individual psychotherapy can be divided into three directions, it depends on the quire and person’s psychological preparation: psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic oriented therapy, focal therapy. 

Briefly on each:

  • psychoanalysis is a deep analysis of mental state, where both participants are fully involved. Analysant uses a coach and his therapist in an armchair, from three to five times a week, from couple of months to couple of years. Occurs explanation and clarification. 
  • psychoanalytic oriented therapy is a correction of mental state, that happens due to use of theoretic base of psychoanalysis. Frequency from one to three times a week, general duration from couple of months to couple of years. Participants are sitted facing each other. 
  • focal method of psychoanalytic therapy analyzes main problem, when participants are concentrated on one issue. They are both sitting and seeing each other one time per week or every single day, depending on a situation. Amount of meetings should be over thirty. The main symptom gets emphasized, while creating special subjective world, minding the problem. 

The main goal in every single case is to help comprehend thoughts that occur subconsciously and seem to poison client’s life.