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Group-Based Therapy


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Group-based psychoanalytical psychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy, where people’s relations are being built not only with a therapist, but also with a particular group. It’s preferable to have your own individual experience before entering a group-based psychotherapy. In a group there is an opportunity to regress and there is a possibility of group’s rejection of your regress, which may become a reason of psychological trauma for this subject. It’s far better to share something intimate with one person in safe space and explain to yourself things that might be hidden during the group-based therapy.  In order to understand your psychological abilities it’s preferable to set up a private therapy and then keep moving forward. 

Advantages of group-based therapy:

  • For people with low self-esteem acceptance of a group will be a huge investment into personal value
  • It’s real communication with real people. People who are not perfect and who are willing to explain how they function in life and what they receive from themselves in different situations. 
  • It’s an opportunity to receive a feedback and see your impact on different people, understand what they feel towards you.
  • Group-based psychoanalytic has a unique opportunity to see and work out communication of group members, minding their opinion about the process and others opinion.
  • You hear different stories, which helps you understand, how other people live
  • Sometimes psychotherapy groups are formed minding the needs and quires: addition, after-war recover, disease 

Due to the group-based treatment it’s easier to get used to your life conditions, gain purposed and senses.