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About service

Psychoanalytical work with kids has two directions: to find out child’s subjective life vision and to help set up proper communication between kids and their parents.

Children’s psychoanalysis usually starts with setting up reliable, trustworthy connection. Minding child’s lack of required vocabulary to describe some feelings and emotions, psychotherapy uses art therapy, fairy-tale therapy and game therapy. 

Psychoanalytical therapy  is necessary if:

  • child’s behavior seems to be weird, aggressive, passive or indifferent 
  • child is hyperactive and inconsiderate 
  • it’s hard for child to get on with other kids
  • child’s skills are unconventional for his age 
  • child has enuresis, nervous tics, fears, ADHD, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, neurosis, seizures etc.
  • If any deviations might be noticed it’s preferable to see a therapist to avoid serious psychological problems.