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Psychotherapist counseling 

About service

Some people assume that counseling and private conversations with friends is just the same. Certainly, family’s help is essential, but it can’t replace professional one. Unlike friends, therapist treats us objectively and doesn’t give advices. Their purpose is to overcome obstacles and cope with problems, without listening to your emotions, and activate your hidden force. Clients aren’t weak and lonely, who have no one to share with. Furthermore, a fact that you resort to therapist’s help tells us you are totally adequate, you are prepared to face and overcome troubles. Counseling is for those who care about their health (that’s right, because stress causes health issues), those who want to improve their life, reveal a potential and understand people and themselves. There is nothing humiliating in receiving professional help, because we are not ashamed of receiving help in other cases. 

We will never think about fixing electricity or curing some disease on our own.
And our mental state is far more complicated, and efforts “to fix” it on your own might lead to sad consequences. No doubt, we all have different problems, and every single person who attends therapy represents a unique case. It can be hard for people to cope on their own- with divorce, loss of someone close, duty to change your job, drastic changes- birth of a child or departure of grown-up kids. Neurosis, depression, obsessive states and fear, addictions, dissatisfaction with one’s life and incapacity to define your desires- this is therapist’s area. But it’s important to understand that psychologists are not magicians. They don’t solve problems for you or make important decisions, they won’t turn you into a different person immediately. But they can change your attitude to life, cope with fears and improve behavior. How long does it take? Until you get a result. Sometimes one meeting is enough, sometimes it’s a small course (4-5 meetings), and prolonged neurosis or depression requires prolonged therapy. Convenient schedule of consultations- from one to two times a week, but everything is individual, and no one can tell for certain, how many meetings it will take to achieve desirable result.

There are many cases, where therapist’s aid can help relationship, which has come to a dead end, misunderstanding with kids, search for self and your path, complicated family relationship and crisis life periods. Methods are chosen, minding client’s quire.
Individualized consultations take place in private space: only client with a therapist. This work leads to different solutions- to improve family communication, overcome crisis, cope with loss, believe in yourself, define the reason of endless misfortunes in career or relationship, learn to make friends and make right decisions. 
Family therapist counseling is needed for couples that faced misunderstanding. In this case therapist works not with two people, but with a family, perceiving couple as something united. Therapist purpose is to renovate communication, not to take someone’s side. Important to notice, that family therapist doesn’t always fix matrimonial crises- it’s necessary to resort to help if there is a noticeable generation gap or family is being tested after someone’s death or disease. Child or teenage therapist counseling will help you understand, how to treat and upbring kids, how to come through transitional age. Sooner or later every parent starts asking this.

Couching is a method, which is targeted on search of defined comprehension of your goals and steps to achieve it. Usually, businessmen and reliable workers resort to this method, and some corporations even have their personal coach. Good coach knows that we all can achieve a lot, but sometimes fear of responsibility, lack of purpose’s visibility and low self-esteem stop us. Coaching helps overcome it and start achieving your dreams-both in private and social life.
Therapist counseling will help teacher learn how to communicate with kids, urge them to study, understand how different teaching styles influence children and avoid emotional burnout. 
How to choose a qualified psychologist? The amount of psychological centres has only increased recently, but does it mean, that it’s easy to find good psychologist? People are usually afraid of making wrong choices. As a result, they never resort to professional help. Obviously, no one can guarantee that clients will find their perfect therapist from the very beginning- sometimes, despite being professional, there is no trust, so it’s impossible to communicate. But it’s easy to define, whether there is a professional in front of you, or not.

Good psychologist:

  • has a degree and keeps improving skills
  • has been working for more than five years
  • doesn’t guarantee quick result and doesn’t ask to pay in advance

Therapist should regularly attend psychotherapy because it shows their responsible approach. Good therapist will never evaluate the client. He won’t say “Leave your husband, you aren’t a match” or “Change your job, you’ll fail here”.
Psychologist will never give you solution immediately and persuade you. They won’t jump into solutions, until they see situation clearly. And finally, they won’t tell how long it should take to achieve something. 
If you’re still thinking about going to psychologist, don’t postpone the visit. Call and make an appointment, to see whether you liked it or not. It’s not preferable to postpone because problems tend to increase and poison your life.