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Art therapy 
Art psychotherapy, based on visual arts 

About service

Psychoanalytical art therapy – direction in psychotherapy, based on theoretic base of psychoanalysis with the help of art.
The main goal of psychoanalytic art therapy includes harmonization of psychological state while developing self-expressive and self-comprehending skills. The value of art in psychotherapy is that you can use symbols to express and discover different emotions and feelings: love, hate, anger, happiness, etc. Art therapy methods are based on idea that content of inner-self reflects in visual images, while we are drawing or making a sculpture. After psychological analysis you start feeling balance. 

Types of psychoanalytical art therapy:

  • Narrow art therapy, when the patient literally draws 
  • Book therapy, when the patient reads and composes stories
  • Game therapy 
  • Sand therapy 
  • Clay therapy 
  • Photo therapy 

Recommendation for resorting to psychoanalytical art therapy:

  • Troubles with emotional development: stress, depression, bad mood, unstable behavior, loneliness, interpersonal quarrels and difficulties with communication
  • Relationship: dissatisfaction with your family/job relations, jealousy, fear, low self-esteem, arrogance, emptiness, lack of desires.

Goals of art therapy:

  • to give socially appropriate way to solve the problem 
  • art therapy as a method of private process of psychoanalysis 
  • art therapy as a method of diagnosis 
  • reconsideration of inner conflicts, that are an obstacle on the client’s path 
  • development of art skills and sublimation of different types of psychological protection 

In the UPU consultation centre there is an opportunity to finish either private or group-based course of art therapy