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Family therapy

About service

Family psychoanalytical psychotherapy is a relationship between psychologist and one or couple family members.
Therapy goal is to amend interpersonal relationship, work out weak spots.

Background of successful therapy consists of: high motivation of each family member, preparation to analyze issues and interpret.
Family psychotherapy is suitable for married couples (partners, cohabitants), child with a parent, kids among each other.

Therapist, as a rule, in the beginning defines amount of sessions (usually 10) or arrange limitless consultation. Then, as a process keeps moving, they make a final decision concerning therapy’s future.

Very often, when one family member starts realizing pattern of communication in the family, he or she sets up a private therapy. 
It’s pretty hard to endure family relationship, it’s always a clash of personal boundaries. But there is a chance of saving family and gaining some essential skills of life comprehension.