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About us

Ukrainian psychoanalytical union is a member based organization, which helps therapist grow and learn in the psychoanalytical therapy direction, and provides private psychological service.

Our goal is to change the stereotype about psychologists, psychoanalytics and psychotherapists as about people, who call you a psychopath. Image of a doctor, who prescribes you unwanted pills, is stable in the postsoviet area. What is happening in fact? Only one consultation can decrease anxiety and improve person's mental, give client some hope. At the same time, you shouldn't donate our mental state to your therapist. Nowadays, psychological practice is still unlicensed in Ukraine, which means that government doesn't really protect us from potential damage. Minding everything we've said before, UPU has set up some rules, which provide quality control.

Service delivery:

-only verified therapists with an appropriate degree

-an ability to give your feedback

-social programs for those, who are in need of psychological help, but can’t afford it yet

-personal and online counseling

-our own counseling centre

But the charge in perception won’t happen, if we focus on the one side of the problem. Unfortunately, there is only a chance to become a qualified specialist. Despite practicing a lot, we have to keep in mind, that therapist also can experience emotional turbulence. They can also be in need of psychological support of their society. De jure it should be mentioned, but de facto specialist only uses his membership to tell about his experience. We don’t approve this approach, which puts an emphasis on fake values, while creating a professional society.


-we help young specialists to set up their private practice

-improve the knowledge level

-private/group supervision’s help

-chance to become a lector, while making public speeches

-area to be published

-office rent in Pecherskyi district  in Kyiv

-extension of client’s base

-involvement into organization’s development, rightful membership